GC, RW Nascat Breaking Thru The Pack


Breaker's Health Screenings
Heart Test: 5/1/10 - normal (third screening)
Negative for the MyBPC 3 gene
Pedigree Info.
DOB: 3/23/07
Total IC: 11%
Clones: 30.3%
Top 5 Foundation: 66.3%


Breaker is a big, laid back and goofy cat.  He loves people, attention and cuddling in your lap.   He's got the best from both parents.  Large, heavy boning, dripping in coat plus those huge ears coming from his mother, Maggie.   Breaker loves to show, plus doing the agility class.

His favorite part is running through tunnels and jumping thru the hoops with this beautiful, plumy tail waving as a flag. We are proud to announce that Breaker is the first Maine Coon to receive a National Agility Win finishing 2nd for 2008.   He is also CFA's 2007-08 Gulf Shore Regions 8th Best Kitten and Best Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon for the region.

Today Breaker is a fully, mature male weighing in at 25lbs.  As of 2/2010 he has sired 5 litters.
He has produced 5 GC/GP's with 4 being regional winners.  GC-RW,Revi-up & Fire Thru of Bonneamie, GP-RW, Nascat Roar-of-Engines, GC-RW Nascat Penske, GC-RW, Y1Kat Daydream Believer and GC Kyan Rose of JCatlyn (outside breeding, same litter).  We are looking forward towards showing more of his upcoming offspring this season.

RW, GC Nascat Gwydion of Gradach

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Created by Kelim Coons, © Nascat Maine Coons 2005

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