TICA SGC - CFA Grand Champion, Breed Winner, National Winner
Nascat Cruise'N


Cruiser's Health Screenings
Heart Test: November 2013 - Normal (3rd screening)
Negative for the MyBPC 3 gene
Pedigree Info.
DOB: 7/4/10
Total IC: 9.44%
Clones: 22.9%
Top 5 Foundation: 63.6%


CFA's 2011-2012
National Best Maine Coon Cat
National 10th Best AB Cat in Championship
Gulf Shore Regions Best Cat


Wow, what a year for Cruiser and I. Cruiser is 2011-2012 Best Maine Coon and the 10th Best All Breed Cat in the world for CFA. We've had tough competition all year and he proved it being up against all the top cats running this past year. 35 week-ends of showing all over the USA. Of these shows, he was "Best In Show" with 16 of them, including one show where he received "Best Cat" from all 6 judges. Another big highlight was at the International Show, November 2011 in Indianapolis, where Cruiser was on stage for Best of the Best with cats from all over the world. He earned 3rd Best LH cat, being beaten out by 2 cats from Europe, an Exotic and Persian. He was the Best Maine Coon of the show and was very proud that we had a Texas bred cat up there representing our area.

I couldn't ask for a greater cat to show all season. Not only for his type and boning but for his wonderful, laid back, easy purrsonality. He was always a great traveler by car or plane and was sure the attention getter going through security at the airports.

We look forward towards having kittens out of Cruiser in the future, while enjoying his new retired show life.


GC, Angtini Joe Fish of Tropikoons


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