GC-RW, SGC-RW, Tropikoons Lotus Esprit

(Photo by Helmi)


Lottie's Health Screenings
Heart: 2nd Screening - 10/23/08 - normal
SMA - Genetically Clear - Normal (8/05)
Pedigree Info.
DOB: 4/4/04
Total IC: 10.4%
Clones: 25.2%
Top 5 Foundation: 64.8%


Lottie is a flashy, silver patched tabby with white. She has a great chiseled muzzle, beautiful profile, long body, wonderful large ears and large expressive eyes.

We were very pleased that Lottie was 2004 CFA International’s 2nd Best Maine Coon Kitten, right behind her brother, GC Tropikoons Long John Silver. Lottie granded in only one and half shows at 8 months. We’re also pleased to announce with Lottie's short show schedule she managed to earn 3rd Best Maine Coon & Best Silver Tabby & White Maine Coon in the Gulf Shore Region.

Lottie's 2005/2006 Wins -
CFA Gulf Shore Regions 18th Best Cat, 2nd Best Maine Coon & Best of Color
 2005-06 TICA, QDGC, RW South Central's 18th Best Cat,
 Best Maine Coon & Best of Color

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