GC, RW, Y1Kat Mustang Sally of Nascat

Photo by Helmi Flick


Photos by Helmi Flick

Sally's Health Screenings
Heart: 2nd Screening - May 31, 2008 - Normal
Negative for MyBPC 3 gene
Pedigree Info.
DOB: 12/29/05
Total IC: 11.1%
Clones: 28.3%
Top 5 Foundation: 65.7%


I'm very excited to get Sally from Judy Lindeman of Y1Kat. What a balanced, well put together, large female.  Flashy, colorful girl, just like her mother Starfire and her famous grandmother, GC/GP, RW, Nascat Waving The Checkers! DM.   She made her debut at 4 months at the National MC Cat Show in Dallas, May 2006 receiving her first Best Kitten!

Sally granded fast.  In 6 short months she shot up to clinch CFA's National Best 3rd Maine Coon for 2006-2007 season.  She was also Gulf Shore's 3rd Best Cat and Best Maine Coon Cat.
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