GC, RW Nascat's Turbo Charged!


Turbo is a very busy, active kitty with loads of purrsonlity.   He has a unique, diverse pedigree from the sire out of Denmark, which only one other cat in the states is out of this line.  

He is a very crisp, clear, black silver mackerel tabby.  The stripes are pencil thin, no breaks.  Judges always would comment on his wonderful color and pattern.   He is a very long cat, with good boning and huge ears.  Plus active.   Thus why he probably was so very good in Feline Agility finishing 9th National in this event.

Turbo will be only used for about 1 year of breeding before retiring to enjoy being a pet, which he enjoys more than being a cattery cat.

2006-07 CFA Gulf Shore's 4th Best Kitten
CFA 8th National Best Maine Coon Kitten


Turbo's Health Screenings
DOB: 5/8/06
Heart: 3rd screening, 10/23/08 - Normal
Negative by default for MyBPC3 gene (both of his parents are negative)
Negative for SMA - April 2008
PEDIGREE FOR "TURBO" Total IC -- 6.12% Clones -- 18.6% Top 5 -- 54%
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