NW, GC, GP Nascat Gwydion of Gradach


Rookie's Health Screenings
Heart Test: 5/14/11, normal (6th screening)
Negative for the MyBPC 3 gene
Pedigree Info.
DOB: 5/24/02
Total IC: 9.47%
Clones: 31.2%
Top 5 Foundation: 65.6%


Check out Walker's CFA-Iam's Ambassador page!

Walker is our pride and joy of Nascat males. He is massive with heavy boning. Strong chin with lots of depth. Beautiful color, pattern and coat to die for.  He has maintained this coat all year round. Plus hes got this fabulous temperament, for a great show cat  to be able to earn this National win as CFAs 20th Best Cat in 2003-04.

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